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Our Services

Dave Banes Access and Inclusion offers a wide range of services drawing upon a network of associates from across the world 

Individually and as a team we offer a unique blend of experience from across the world, we are committed to supporting the emergence of new services throughout the world to enable people with a disability to gain access to their rights and aspirations.

We can offer 


  • Policy and Practice for increasing access through technology
  • Universal design for learning and access
  • Developing Assistive Technology Services
  • Supporting people with a disability in employment through technology
  • Integrating Assistive Technology into existing services 
  • Supporting procurement of accessible technology and products


  • Supporting people with a range of needs including physical, sensory, intellectual and complex needs
  • Developing the AT ecosystem
  • Developing organisational policy and practice 
  • Universal Design for Learning 
  • Integrating AT into the Curriculum

Access Audits 

  • Access to the built environment according to international standards

eAccessibility services

  • Web accessibility audit, review and advice
  • PDF Accessibility

Individual Assessments

  • Evaluation and recommendation for technology for individuals and groups of persons with a disability

Localisation of Open source Assistive Technology

  • Supporting the development of open source products for use within new language communities and cultures

My Current Projects

Disruptive Assistive Technologies 

I'm working on a chapter for a book on the advent of disruptive technologies, past, present and future. In the chapter I will look at how the AT industry is changing and what the potential impact upon people with a disability might be 


Aging and Technology

I have just completed a project to provide a review of accessible technology for the elderly - It is an extremely interesting area, not lease because as I get older myself so it appears increasingly relevant. Broadly the review looked at three aspects of technology 

1 Access to Information and Communication technology

2 Home Modification and Environmental Control 

3 Health and well being 

Ill also be lreviewed the best means of introducing technology to seniors, and how training can most effectively be delivered

Past projects and activities

David Banes was formerly CEO at Mada the Qatar Assistive Technology and Accessibility Center based in Doha where he has been based worked in Doha for the past five years. He was responsible for developing services to ensure that people with a disability in Qatar are digitally included, and is currently focused on the broad policy framework required to ensure and sustain this. He left Mada in 2016 to establish David Banes Access and Inclusion in order to support the emergence of AT services throughout the world

Prior to taking up his post in Qatar, he worked as a teacher of children with special needs and principal of a major special school before working in the realm of digital Inclusion in the UK and Europe as Director of Operations and Development for a UK NGO.

Mada offers a single point of co-ordination for all activities related to digital and eInclusion in Qatar. Increasingly the centre is also seeking to influence the emerging Access ecosystem in the region promoting cooperation between states and supports the development of assistive technology solutions and digital content that meet the needs of Arabic speaking people with a disability.

His recent work has focussed on the development of a framework for the contextualisation of assistive technologies, guidance for the transference of knowledge and skills across communities and  developing a policy framework to protect the rights of people with a disability in Qatar.